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The Existing thing which runs the whole world in its own path systematically, Mercy from God


Actually The Earth, the Son, the Moon and all the planets running in its own path in a specific period without rest…The Birds are flying, eating and feeding to nestlings , similarly All Animals, reptiles and human beings, every parent species make child species to eat, bringing up them, teach them to survive till the child getting matured…..Every parent species shows love on their child without expectations, whenever child species get matured fly and eat things of their own, the parents simply watch and smile…Just stay there and watch those moments, There is a love seemingly …”Mercy from God”.

Also there are rules in all places…Most of us will follow the rules only few people doesn’t obey rules and get caught by Police… Just imagine that if at all there is no God in this world, then what are these jail, judgement, laws and all… Why do we people fear about get caught by the police, staying in jail, struggling with judges and proving truths and all.. First of all whats the need to be good, honest human being in this world.. It’s not necessary to obey all  of them and no need to prove to the judges just for getting out of the jail and save our own father, mother, life partner, kids, etc..

Whats the need to show love on people and be a honest one in the circumstances we stay??

We can easily kill rich people and take their money without permission.. Also we have the option to beat anyone and get food . what is the need and why we work everyday and get income?

I have answer for all the questions.. In all of our behaviour , There is a love seemingly again…. It’s called Mercy!!!

I need to share about Spiritual Values here.

 ‘The Book Pertaining to Repentance and Exhortation to Repentance (Kitab Al-Tauba)‘ of Sahih Muslim: 6629

Abu Huraira reported: I heard Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) as saying: Allah created mercy in one hundred parts and He retained with Him ninety-nine parts, and He has sent down upon the earth one part, and it is because of this one part that there is mutual love among the creation so much so that the animal lifts up its hoof from its younc, one, fearing that it might harm it.

Yes, God has left few of his mercy among all of us.. So that every creature showing mercy on each other, people following rules, morals and all..Mercy from God  still exist everywhere so that the whole world  runs systematically…




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