Its all my spicy Life!!!

Peace be upon you! you are at right place if you wanted to learn some moral ethics about what the life is!

My Impressions in my childhood days!

Every child has many questions and many imaginations about the world and life…Some stories we heard in childhood days may morph our character, direct us in right way since every school teaches good moral stories to all the children..

The world is full of water around us, there is only 36-37% of land in that we people make big big buildings, roads, vehicles, all luxurious life, etc.. There are days and nights, successes and failures keep changing things, people and surroundings around us…The world may be round..Again and again we may come back  and see the lost places..But life is different from that.. It is straight we can’t get past days and past memories back.. Every time it will teach or make us feel differently…it is straight absolutely..Because sometimes we will be comfortable with some person or schedule..but afterwards one day will make loose everything and move forward on it..Its what the spicy life I am writing about..

In childhood, I heard many stories in encouraging things like helping all the people in all the situations and not speak lies unless it is necessary to save some innocent’s life, keep respecting people, doing our things as much as we can without hurting others and controlling our tongue not to hurt others, using good words, believe in god and love the people, showing mercy on all the creatures,etc.

Will All of the above going to help or save our rest of the life????

    Absolutely not..Life is different from moral stories..Its all struggles and exhibiting our talents with high effort..

To survive in this world we need to keep secrets sometimes, we need to hide some truths to some people for some periods and maintain it until we get the right time to be open to everyone..No one can realise our present and future duties and responsibilities unlike how we realise it..

What will be Right choice when we are in dilemma?

Every decision will have good impacts and bad impacts..One choice will be right and acceptable by everyone..The another will not be accepted by anyone..It will have wrong path.. I mention wrong path here as things that will never going to hurt anyone but in a wrong way, may be without people knowledge or the things opposite to spiritual laws, etc…In this situation, My opinion to all of you who loves to learn something  is that Choose or decide the choice which is completely based on Mercy!!!

Yes! Mercy is the only thing that will give ever last happiness..

Sometimes in life the people who couldn’t be able to help at situations who are very week without us whom we love the most will become a powerful weapon for us one day.. we will realise it many times.. So showing mercy, giving love and care to someone else who are very week by nature or by situation never change into waste of time and effort, will surely give happy ending or at least a seed of happiness!!

Again I come to my childhood days…

I need to share an event in my 6th grade..Usually we will have a period named ‘Value Education’ once in every week in that School..That teacher name was Sudha..She usually like only boys mentioning that boys always truthful, open type like that..In Value Education period that madam asked us to write 10 things about ourselves in one specific topic weekly and read it in front of everyone..Some of the topics were

  1. In what situations and all I told lies this week
  2. In what situations and all I hurt people this week
  3. In what situations and all I became jealous on someone this week

It will be great bitterness for everyone…But the result was appreciable because we all reduced our bad habits one by one..It was nice with her..And She was also my Science teacher in the same class..Everyday she will tell us to study something and come..then she will ask each one to recite them..Those who and all didn’t study will put nee-down until they recite everything to that madam or to those girls who studied previous day and recited it properly…There was a day when me and other 11 girls have done that work properly and all others were put nee-down..And there was a girl named ‘Divya’ out of those 12 girls..

One girl named deepa who didn’t able to even read and write Tamil…What that divya done was , she helped that deepa to study and recite it..Madam has noted down all of that..Suddenly she called Divya to come in front and asked all of us to clap for her attitude…Then she asked all other 11 girls to stand…Then she asked us to answer for why we didn’t do that job why she alone do it like that..All the other 10 girls remained silent and put their head down..But I replied to her, ‘We don’t think to help others. that’s why’ .Suddenly She asked everyone to clap for me including Divya..Then she said,”She always speak truth.that’s why i asked all of you to clap for her”.  I felt myself proud for telling truth after getting beaten by teachers for long years just to tell that i didn’t finish my  homework..

I only share good and positive things throughout this article..

Why do we face continuous failures and stuck in same stage in life without moving ahead?

In life we face and hear  both negative and positive things from the people..Whenever we take those negative things further and look deep into it, taking decisions from that, then our entire life will get stuck in same stage…We can’t even move one step further..The Answer is Simple..Think, hear and expect only positive things..Now you can move forward 100 steps ahead successfully..Keep those negative things in one side..don’t even think about it..Whenever it comes live in your future just face it..then it will go off..Again move forward with positive expectations and goals..

Some people will come to our life just to teach,

Don’t trust anyone with their words, watch their actions!

Those people who is a deceiver in nature will often come unto you, talk very sweet words and discuss with you all the right needy things wanted , also commit you that they will stand with you in all your problems.

But whenever the most needed time comes, they will tell you some reasons and get escaped. Then after the situation change back to normal, again they will come back to you and wash away your minds. Finally you will be changed like he/she is the one I always want, He/she is the best and all. Just Imagine being himself/herself  the great deceiver, you are the most stupid of the world.

One day everything will reveal to your sense and knowledge when period changes. The Moment you realise these type of deceivers in your life just cut away their relationship from your life(I am not talking about blood relations, they are exempted). Never give choices or forgiveness to them. That will be good for you!

Here I need to talk about blood relations and other friendships. Consider that you are in a critical situation, you have two choices; one is good for you and another is worse for you. But You choose the worst. When you discuss this with others Some will suggest you good choice but others suggest you worst choice. The one who suggest you worst choice will enforce you to make it fast. Until and unless your blood relations stands with you, you will go for worst choice immensely. But suppose if your blood relation is there with you they will enforce you to the right choice and they will take all the efforts to bring you back to the good situation. Those friends who are good in nature won’t enforce you to the right situation because you are not actually a brother or sister to them.

So Keep your blood relations with you always!

To be continued……


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